Cell Phone DNC Tips and Resources


  • Do not call any cell phone (business or private) for marketing using an autodialer without prior express written consent.
  • For non-marketing calls, ensure you have "express consent" (not written) to autodial a cell phone.
  • If you need legal advice about cell phone DNC laws, contact a TCPA lawyer.
  • When sued by a TCPA plaintiff or fined by the government for wireless violations, speak with a TCPA defense attorney promptly.
  • Remember that, even when calling landlines, the national DNC list still applies. Study Do Not Call Laws before getting on the phones, whether you call cell phones or not.
  • To get a good base understanding of telemarketing compliance, sign up for our online telemarketing compliance courses.


Telemarketers should ensure that they understand the following aspects of telemarketing compliance, whether they do business to business telemarketing, business to consumer telemarketing, or both. Follow the links for more information and resources:

Additionally, businesses should consider having a telemarketing audit performed by a qualified telemarketing attorney to ensure full telemarketing compliance.

Cell Phone DNC Law Tips and Resources

Cell Phone DNC Law Tips and Resources